Our background in media, education and global development uniquely positions us to provide creative communication solutions.

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Carbon Free Cities

In their mission to transform global energy use towards a low carbon future, the Rocky Mountain Institute, with support from the Rockefeller Brother's Fund, partnered with REM to promote their global Carbon Free City Initiative, and the Carbon Free City Handbook, a resource for city leaders around the world committed to an aggressive path toward sustainable, low-carbon economies. read more

InsideClimate News (ICN)

InsideClimate News commissioned REM to produce its’ 10 year anniversary gala event “curtain raiser” and complimentary promotional and fundraising social media video assets. read more

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Partnering with the Vaccine Confidence Project at the LSHTM, REM collaborated with academics, health professionals, government ministries, community leaders, and media professionals to conduct field research, interview stakeholders and document the role of rumors, politics, “fake news”, and the media, on government decisions to halt 2015 Ebola vaccine trials in Ghana, West Africa. read more

Opening Message: UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, Japan, 2015

UNISDR, the UN’s focal point in the United Nations system for the coordination of disaster reduction, commissioned REM to produce their opening ceremony video. read more

United Nations: Delivering as One

As part of the UN’s "Delivering as One" efforts, REM was commissioned to produced a "curtain raiser" for the UNDG’s 'Delivering Together in a Post-2015 World' conference, held in Istanbul. read more

14th St. Y Profiles

Over the last several years, we've been working with the 14th Street Y to develop their online fundraising campaigns, as well as their gala event videos.The "14th Street Y" is part of Educational Alliance. read more

The Courtyard of Colegiata del Salvador

A video interpretation of artist Nathalie Handal's poem" The Courtyard of Colegiata del Salvador", this piece was produced for her 2012 collection, "Poet in Andalucia".

Pathfinder International/USAID

An advocacy video for Pathfinder International highlighting their USAID funded efforts to bring reproductive health & family planning services to the world’s most underserved communities.

Develop, Design & Produce

REM helps clients craft powerful and engaging stories. A multi-media production house, we work across the digital spectrum to develop, design and produce the media tools needed to meet any organization’s strategic communication needs. Our broad international experience and deep background in media, education, and social justice uniquely positions us to provide creative storytelling solutions, for audiences around the globe.

Worldwide Experience

Our work addresses a range of cross-cultural, education and development concerns that include global health, the arts, education, organizational training, the environment, sustainable development and educational equity. Working with not for profit, education, governmental, corporate and UN organizations, we collaborate with local stakeholders across Africa, Asia, the Near East, Latin America, Oceania, SE Asia, and the US.

Team Expertise

From concept development through delivery of the final product, every media project has its’ own unique environment and set of challenges. REM partners with a diverse group of seasoned professionals. Alongside media-makers, development specialists, educators, health professionals, artists, social justice advocates, and others, we tailor our team of experts to deliver stories that engage, inspire and motivate your audience.